By 2032, the BC government plans to have all newly-built buildings emit zero energy waste.

With this and the recent changes in the BC Building Code, net-zero energy emitting buildings are becoming the most popular path to choose.

Here at ATEC Energy & Building Envelope Consulting, we are passionate about two things: building and the environment.

Our energy advisors are here to help you choose the best plan for your new building, whatever it may be, that complies with Canada’s EnerGuide Rating system standards. From the beginning of the design to the execution, our Energy Advisors help you achieve a building with net-zero energy.

Our Energy Advisors are here to provide you with an in-depth report of your Energy Consumption Savings and much more.

What is Energy Advisory

 Energy Advisory is an important and necessary part of the house building process. With the recent changes in the BC Building Code regarding insulation, air tightness and ventilation, it can sometimes be a challenge to get our housing built to the required levels of energy efficiency and performance. Certified energy advisors are registered by Natural Resources Canada to deliver the EnerGuide Rating System for new and existing homes.

The Energy Advisory services we provide also include the following:

  • Energy Modelling
  • Energy Design
  • Blower Door Air Tightness Testing
  • On-site Insulation, Mechanical, Window and Door Verification
  • Thermal Imaging

Home Energy Efficiency Motivational Assistance

Energy Saving Assistance Program: Free to income-qualified households. Homeowners may also qualify for free energy saving product installation such as energy-saving lightbulbs, high efficiency showerheads, and weather stripping to reduce drafts. Some homes may qualify for ENERGY STAR® refrigerator, insulation, or a high-efficiency gas furnace. Visit BC Hydro or FortisBCto learn more.

Mortgage Loan Insurance Rebate: 15% or 25% premium refund from CMHC and Genworthavailable for making energy efficiency improvements to your home. Visit CMHC and or Genworth to learn more.

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