“Every project has its own unique requirements and challenges. In the end, nothing makes me more satisfied than seeing the joy and pride in a client's eyes of having a beautiful space they have taken part in creating. I am glad that I am part of the process and that we have earned their trust."

Mehran Saraie is the President of ATEC Energy & Building Envelope Consulting, which was founded in 2007. He graduated as a Civil Engineer in 1990, and immediately became involved in the construction industry. In 1999, Mehran changed directions and began working with well-known architectural and building envelope companies. Working in the residential construction industry as a site supervisor, construction administration, and project manager, Mehran worked his way up to foresee the role of Operations Manager for many companies.

Mehran has more than 25 years experience with the phases of construction, from concept design to project and business management. His inspiration and attention to detail throughout all phases of a project result in innovative, functional, unique, and beautiful spaces for clients to live in.

Mehran has a solid understanding of design, construction, and green building principles, having attended a LEED rating system workshop organized by the Canadian Green Building Council (CGBC) in 2006. Mehran is also a member of both the Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (EGBC) as an EIT, and member of Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC (ASTTBC).